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We build ecommerce platforms and immersive experiences with Shopify, UI/UX design and AI to help brands scale and realize their full potential.

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Batchmore Shopify Ecommerce
Sometimes you just want the technology to work and get out of the way. Partnering with Batchmore made this possible.
Monique Wayman
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Our Services

Let's be honest.
Turning clicks into sales, is not easy.

With ecommerce, you still need to present your brand, attract customers, create a positive experience, make sales, and encourage the customer to return again and again.

Together with Batchmore, we simplify this process. We create brand immersive shopping experiences, develop Shopify stores, optimize Store performance, develop Shopify applications, enable insightful intelligence and manage your Shopify Store end-to-end.

Custom UI/UX Design

Together with our team of highly-skilled Shopify UI/UX developers, we will design an incredible brand immersive experience.

Shopify E-Commerce & App Dev

We are Shopify solution architects and have a dedicated team of experienced professionals ready to launch your ecommerce strategy.

Platform Migration

Looking for a smooth transition to the Shopify Platform. We help great brands switch from Magento and other platforms to Shopify, seamlessly and stress-free.

AI Driven Marketing Automation

Build real omnichannel communication processes, with advanced analytics and AI Hyperpersonalization, to power conversion across multiple channels.

Malcolm Gladwell once wrote that it takes 10,000 hours to become an expert in anything.
Malcolm Gladwell
UX/UI Design
An Immersive Experience
A meaningful user experience allows you to define customer journeys on your product that are most conducive to drive sales.
Batchmore Shopify UI/UX Design

You're in great company

According to a study by Forrester, a well-designed user experience could boost your conversion rate by up to 400%
Shopify Migrations
Platform Migration
No matter what platform you are currently on, Batchmore can assist you with a smooth, stress-free transition onto Shopify.
Shopify Migrations
Over 1,700,000 businesses in 175 countries around the world have made over $200 billion USD in sales using Shopify.

Shopify is scalable, feature-rich, and is one of the fastest growing ecommerce platforms available today.

We deliver the tools and services you need to start, run and grow your ecommerce business.

Store Setup
Shopify Development
Having full control of your brand means being in control of your own DTC strategy. The process may seem challenging, but we will help define the strategy and provide you the the tools for a rewarding experience.
Shopify Store Setup
We chose Shopify because we believe our clients ecommerce platforms are mission critical and require 100% uptime, stability and security. With Shopify our team can focus on features and performance. With other platforms we spend 50% of our time in dev-ops, this is not productive.
We choose Shopify
Glen Smale
Senior Software Engineer @batchmore
Shopify Apps
Shopify Application Development
Is your store still missing that perfect function. We develop custom Shopify applications that help our clients boost Shopify performance.
Shopify Applications
Consumer Insight

AI driven Customer Data Platform & Marketing Automation

Build real omnichannel communication processes improving conversion across your entire customer journey.
Omnichannel AI Driven Marketing Automation
CDP & Marketing Automation

Deliver highly configurable personalised experiences

88% of marketers say

Zero and first-party data have the highest priority (Merkle report)

80% of shoppers buy

Only from brands managing omnichannel CX (Epsilon)

73% of marketers claim

CDP is critical to CX efforts (Martech series)

our process

Our project team will guide you a three phase process.
Through this carefully phased process we aim to deliver the best unique and customized ervices for our clients.


First Phase.

We begin with your brief, scope your project and our design and developer team will create a personalized immersive UI/UX and or feature rich experience tailored to be creative, brand focused, fresh and innovative.


Second Phase.

We build your Webstore, design your customized Shopify theme, develop and test your application. Our development process supports best-in-class methods, frameworks and technologies for optimized, performance, functionality.


Third Phase.

We run a full assessment and audit of your Shopify store, and or custom application, optimizing performance, SEO and functionality accross multiple devices and browsers before hending off the completion of the project.

Batchmore are Shopify Experts and ecommerce solution architects

We specialise in the development and deployment of Shopify ecommerce Stores, Themes and Applications, together with Migrations, SEO and Shopify Optimizations

Our team are a unique bunch and include: UI/UX designers, Senior software engineers, Service managers and Team Leads.

Our Services
We follow best-in-class practices
We Practice (MVP)
Test Driven Development
Git Version Control
Well Commented Code
DRY Principle
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